Thursday, April 13, 2006

Justice done

Less than a month after he raped a German tourist, the son of a top IPS officer was today sentenced to seven years’ rigorous imprisonment in a superfast verdict. The punishment was given in 16 days after the trial commenced and the accused was punished within a month of committing the crime. Hard to believe, but it is good that the judgement came so fast. It is regrettable that maximum punishment for rape is only 7 years in jail. It should be more, at least 15 years. It seems only two per cent of rape cases in India get a judgment. Just two per cent, what happens to the rest of the 98 per cent! I wonder why could not all the courts be fast-tract court. The pace at which cases drag on on years and years must be heart-breaking for the victims. It seems that only State governments decide on the class of cases to be handed to fast-track courts. The state governments must be selective.

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