Monday, April 10, 2006


Recently I read in a newspaper that according to a poll, women tend to nag when men don’t do the following : 1. Listen 2. Complete tasks 3. Watch too much sport 4. Are lazy 5. Drink too much 6. Put on weight 7. Play way too many computer games 8. Are insensitive 9. Don’t notice new clothes

Well, I could not generalise for all men, but here are my two cents for the above nine reasons, all my personal observations and experiences, which makes my wife get annoyed with me and hence nag me!
  1. Listen: Since my wife does all the talking, and I all the listening, well almost, sometimes my attention do wander, and behold she gets upset and say I never listen when she is taking. What I have been doing then, all these years! I wonder. The easiest way to make her happy is to hang to her every word. It always work. It makes her happy, and she lets me be!
  2. Complete tasks: Life is an unfinished business, or life is work in progress, and there is always tomorrow, are my usual excuses and are enough to annoy her.
  3. Watch too much sport: Why women are never intersted in sport in general and cricket in particular is the biggest mystery of all. I have tried for many years to educate her about cricket, but in vain. Maybe it is in dna of womens, they think sport is waste of time, and we men think it is everything. At least she now knows the difference between live and recorded circket match.
  4. Are lazy: For men, sorry me, everyday is sunday, when I am at home. It does get her annoyed.
  5. Drink too much: Whenever I get chance. Yes, I do. And it annoyes her to no end. Maybe I do it on purpose.
  6. Put on weight: Well, if my wife is good cook, what else would be the result, but over-eating.
  7. Play too many computers games: Thankfully we do not have computer at home. But to substitute it I do read a lot, especially late at night.
  8. Are insensitive: Please see point number 1 above about listening. If you listen, you are sensitive, but if you don't, you are insensitive.
  9. Don't notice new clothes: When she put on new clothes, she give me subtle hints about it, say how she is looking, do I notice something, etc., and I end up saying, well, you look good as usual. And that gets her.

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